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Which of These 3 HVAC Systems Works Best For Your Home?

So it’s time to replace your Heating and Cooling system. You are frantically researching about HVAC systems and scheduling quotes with several companies while hoping your old one doesn’t die on you, but did you know the type of stage system you get can affect your utility bills and home’s comfort? Here at Air Experts, we have Comfort Advisors who come out, free of charge, to your home to provide a free estimate on a new HVAC unit. Their extensive knowledge of HVAC design allows them to recommend systems and layouts that work best for your home. But before you replace your HVAC system, you should figure out which stage type is right for you and your home.

Single Stage System

The most common type of HVAC system is a single stage system. It has two settings – on and off. It works by running at full speed to cool down your space until it reaches your desired temperature, then turns off. This type of on-and-off operation is less energy efficient than other HVAC systems, similar to how city miles use more gas than highway miles in your car. Single stage systems work best for one-story spaces and spaces in not-so-humid climates. While single stage systems aren’t as costly as the other options up front, their high energy bills can make them more expensive in the long run.

2 Stage System

A 2-stage system has three settings – low, high, and off. This system is more energy efficient than a single stage system and is excellent at dehumidifying. While a single stage system runs at 100% all the time when on, a 2 stage system usually runs at about 70%. Since a 2 stage system stays on longer to reach and maintain your desired temperature, it has more time to dehumidify and circulate air than a single stage HVAC system, which can help eliminate hot and cold spots throughout the home. 2 stage systems work best for larger spaces and spaces in humid climates. 

One of our technicians is showing a customer the outside unit of their new HVAC system.

Variable Speed System

Last but far from least is a variable speed system, which has hundreds of stages. It usually runs at about 25% but will increase the power output whenever the system needs to work harder. Variable speed systems are great for big spaces that require a lot of air circulation and spaces in very humid climates. Unlike other HVAC systems, a variable speed system provides dehumidification, air circulation, and air filtration 24/7. Although this system will cost more up-front, it will offer the greatest savings on your monthly utility bills since it hardly ever starts and stops.

What Now?

Now that you know your options, you can discuss with your Comfort Advisor which kind of stage system will suit you and your needs best. Schedule your free estimate with us today!

If you are worried about your budget, consider Air Experts’ exclusive Ease Comfort®. Ease makes installing a new HVAC unit even more accessible with no money down and low monthly payments instead of a high upfront cost. In addition to a professionally installed energy-efficient system, EASE also includes a programmable Wi-Fi thermostat and whole home filtration system. Furthermore, Ease covers your routine maintenance, replacement filters, lifetime parts, and labor warranty! 

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