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Should You Repair or Replace Your Furnace?

Choosing between furnace repair and furnace replacement services can be a particularly taxing decision to make. Choosing an untimely replacement can be a totally avoidable investment, while repairing when you needed to replace can lead to multiple costly and totally unneeded repair calls. Ready to make the right choice? The certified team at Air Experts Heating & Cooling can help!

Our team has been providing reliable and trustworthy service to Raleigh and the surrounding areas for 30 years! When it comes to your comfort, Air Experts take your needs as the top priority.

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When Should I Get My Furnace Repaired?

Repair is often the preferred service, as it is usually a bit faster, and tends to cost less in many (but not all) situations. The good news is that signs you need repair are actually pretty easy to spot once you know what to look for.

It’s time to call Air Experts for furnace repair in your Raleigh area home if you experience the following issues.

  • Your furnace is making strange sounds. Clanks, bangs, squeals—they all can mean different things for your furnace, but they all indicate component failure. Strange sounds are usually damaged or loose parts that can be repaired. But make sure you get your repairs fast, or you could be looking at a replacement anyway!
  • There are musty odors coming from your furnace vents. Either you haven’t gotten furnace maintenance recently or your furnace has gotten bogged down with large amounts of dust or debris. Either way, repair should do the trick.
  • You notice a sudden hike in heating costs. Do you usually have stable heating costs, but last month they popped up a fair bit? Best to call in for repair, then. The source of the problem can vary, but repair can usually provide the solution you need.
  • The air flow from your furnace is weak or your furnace is blowing cool air. This is never a good sign, and it can actually result in a repair or a replacement. It depends on the source. But most of the time a repair will serve just fine.

When Is Replacement My Best Option?

Replacement tends to be the right path when it results in less cost, and more comfort. In many cases furnace replacement can be cheaper than repair, depending on the issue at hand, and it nearly always results in a net gain on efficiency. In general, we recommend replacing if any of the following are true of your system.

  • Your repair costs are too high. Some repairs, like major component replacement, can just be way too costly when compared to a replacement. In these times, work close with your chosen HVAC team (that’s us!) to make the best decision for your needs.
  • Your furnace is 10 to 15 years old. Past a decade of age, our experts will always recommend a replacement. It’s just the best way to regain efficiency, avoid costly repairs, and get the reliable heating in Raleigh you deserve.
  • Your heating costs are routinely spiking. A one-off spike in cost can often be repaired. But if it is happening frequently, or the cost just keeps mounting, replacement is your permanent solution.
  • Your current furnace isn’t keeping you comfortable. No amount of repair is going to fix a furnace that just can’t keep up with your needs anymore.

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