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Should I Buy My HVAC System from a Big Box Store?

Big box stores can be great one-stop shopping. You can get a gallon of milk, a stand mixer, and a dozen pairs of socks in one trip — what’s not to like? As these stores add more and more products, and you check more and more items off your to-do list in a single trip, you might wonder if you can handle your HVAC needs here too. Should you add “new furnace” to your shopping list?

You can — but you really shouldn’t. You won’t save any money at the big box store, because you’ll get unreliable HVAC advice from retail-employee generalists, rather than expert guidance from HVAC pros. Retail salespeople are not trained in the finer points of HVAC and typically don’t stay up to date on the latest industry trends and installation best practices.

Big Boxes: Ideal for Simple Low-Risk DIY Projects

As career HVAC professionals who work with HVAC every day, established companies like Air Experts are best placed to help you select the right AC and heating system for your needs — and to provide expert, satisfaction-guaranteed installation. Big box stores work best for true DIY projects that are relatively simple for homeowners who are handy. Think “big box” for washer and dryer, ceiling fan, or window AC unit, for example.

For Quality HVAC Products and Installation, Get the Attention You Deserve

A small, dedicated, and focused business, like our HVAC company, will be with you through the whole project and beyond. It’s both convenient and wise for you to have HVAC purchase and installation all completed by our team. We’ll be there in the future as well, for preventive maintenance, adjustments, and (years from now) repairs if needed.

Our good name is on the line, after all. After dismissing your concerns and rushing you through the crowded store, the big hardware retailer will simply say “next!”

Trust Qualified Professionals for HVAC Selection and Installation

HVAC selection alone is complex. Selection involves multiple decisions, so having a true expert advise you will help you make the right investment — after all, you only want to do this once, then enjoy it for the next couple of decades. When you deal with an experienced HVAC company, you’ll be dealing with someone who is deeply familiar with the best products out there. Someone familiar with all the features, energy-efficiency levels, and pros and cons of each model.

Equally important is HVAC capacity or sizing, to ensure you have enough power to heat/cool your home efficiently and comfortably without going overboard. Only trust an expert who understands how to perform a proper load calculation specific to your unique home and family needs.

Get Personalized Installation Services for Long-Term HVAC Performance

When it comes to HVAC installation, the big boxes typically contract that service out, and you really don’t know if you’ll get quality work or even basic, proper installation. If you have a problem or question, who will you go back to: the big box retail store or the contractor?

You may find that the big box retailers and freelance installers will each blame the other for any issues you may have. Neither will have the answers you really need to ensure your home comfort and long-term product value. Frankly, they have little “skin in the game” and no incentive to care whether you get the product and service you deserve.

Bottom Line

Honestly, once you have your owner’s manual in your hand, “big boxers” consider their work to be done and have little time or desire to provide real assistance. In contrast, home comfort is simple when you deal with trusted HVAC professionals. We’ll be here to support you for the long haul — because it’s your satisfaction that fuels our business.

When it’s time for a new heating and cooling system, contact your Raleigh HVAC gurus at Air Experts. We’re the local HVAC pros you can count on!

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