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The Importance of Great Indoor Air Quality

You may be suffering needlessly from allergy symptoms at home. There may be a way to curtail those colds that seem to move from one family member to another and back again. You can also make life easier for anyone with lung ailments like asthma. Do this by raising your home’s IAQ, or indoor air quality.

Did you know most people spend the majority of their time at home, when you count sleeping hours? That means the indoor environment in your Raleigh, NC home has a big effect on your health. At Air Experts, we specialize in indoor air quality improvement.

Contact Air Experts Heating & Cooling in Raleigh for cleaner, more comfortable indoor air at home.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions for Home Comfort and Health

Homes are a closed environment, especially in these days of maximum energy efficiency. That’s a good thing, because a well-insulated home avoids energy waste and money. But it also may mean bacteria, dust, pollen, pet dander, and more are being continually recirculated within your home. In fact, the air inside your house could be more polluted than outdoors in a crowded downtown area.

The solution? To complement a well-insulated and -sealed home, you need proper ventilation and a clean indoor air supply. Let’s look at some options to clear the air in your home so the whole family can breathe easier.

The Whole-House Humidifier

In a closed-up home, especially when the HVAC system is running, air can become dry. Dry indoor air can bring about unpleasant symptoms for the inhabitants, including:

  • Itchy dry skin
  • Eye irritation
  • Dry mucous membranes, causing sneezing and coughing
  • Damage to wood furnishings, doors, and home structural elements (wood cracking and splitting)

Whole-home humidification equipment can be integrated with your Raleigh home’s heating and cooling system to automatically maintain a comfortable humidity level. Air will be comfortably moist, without becoming overly humid (which can also be harmful).

High-Tech Air Cleaners

Sophisticated yet simple, APCO UV light technology cleans the air with UV light and PCO (photocatalytic oxidation), using an activated carbon air filter. When included in your HVAC system, these air purification elements can help eliminate unhealthy “indoor pollution” from your home’s air supply.

Air cleaning can limit the recirculation and spread of contaminants like:

  • Lingering household odors
  • Bacteria and airborne microbes
  • Dust
  • Mold spores
  • Pollen
  • VOCs (harmful volatile organic compounds, from household cleansers/disinfectants, hobby supplies, dry-cleaned clothing, etc.)
  • And more

This can help alleviate allergy-like symptoms like sneezing and coughing. You may notice fewer headaches and less fatigue, and cleaner air can help cut down asthma attacks for those with the condition.

Where to Get Indoor Air Quality Solutions in Raleigh, NC

At Air Experts Heating & Cooling, we install and service whole-house air cleaning and humidity control systems. Let us help raise your IAQ!

Transform your indoor environment with a fresh, clean air supply. Contact your local Air Experts in Raleigh, today.

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