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A Primer for Handling Allergies in Your Home


Millions of allergy sufferers in the country can attest that allergens are practically everywhere. While there are no cures for common allergic reactions to mold spores, pet dander and pollen, there are specific steps to take for handling allergies by modifying lifestyle.

House Cleaning and Pet Care

The reality is that allergens are always present, and they keep coming back no matter how well a house is cleaned. Households with a family pet must also adapt proper pet handling habits to minimize allergy symptoms. Incorporate the following tips applicable to your home:

  • Vacuum carpets and sweep and mop flooring weekly. Use a vacuum with HEPA filtration, and consider investing in a quality steam vacuum.
  • Damp-dust furnishings to prevent agitation of settled particles.
  • Brush pets weekly and bathe them monthly, or more frequently.
  • Common household spaces of the allergy sufferers in your home should be off-limits to pets, such as bedding and specific furnishings.
  • Purchase washable pet bedding and wash it weekly, along with their toys.

HVAC Systems

Home comfort systems provide home heating, cooling and ventilation, and may also help manage allergens and prevent, capture and neutralize allergy-causing microorganisms. Consider the following HVAC systems for boosting indoor air quality and handling allergies:

  • Whole-house dehumidifiers help keep humidity levels below 50 percent during the cooling months. This suppresses mold and mildew growth and hinders the proliferation of dust mites.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) light systems destroy or neutralize mold spores, viruses, germs and bacteria. UV systems are installed inside ductwork, so there’s no risk of exposure to you or your pet.
  • Like whole-house dehumidifiers and UV systems, whole-house air-filtration and purification systems use the air ducts to remove airborne allergens and contaminants. The best systems combine HEPA filtration, carbon filters and electrostatic technology to fight all three classes of contaminants.
  • Energy recovery ventilators provide economical fresh air no matter the weather outside. Ventilation is vital for maintaining good indoor air quality.

For more tips about handling allergies in your Raleigh area home, please contact Air Experts today.

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