Are Ductless Air Conditioners More Economical?

Many people shy away from ductless air systems. This may be because in the past they just haven’t been the popular choice or maybe it’s because people feel they don’t work as effectively as a ducted system.

The truth is ductless systems are gaining steam with homeowners across the nation. This is due to the several benefits they bring to the table when it comes to heating and cooling. One of these benefits is energy efficiency. The question remains are ductless systems more energy efficient than ducted systems.

Are Ductless Systems More Economical?

Many homeowners make the switch or choose ductless cooling and heating due to the cost saving benefits. Heating and Cooling a home can be expensive, especially during weather extremes.

There are many ways a ductless system can help save you money all year round:

  • A Ductless Unit Runs On Less Power – Due to the fact that the main engine that runs the ductless unit is much smaller than a ducted system, less power is needed. This is an automatic boost to conserving energy and reducing energy costs.
  • Lower Installation Costs – If you are installing a new system and you have no current heating or cooling system a ductless system is a lot less extensive when it comes to installation. This is due to the fact that there are no costly  ducts that need to be put into place.
  • You Can Control What Areas You Heat and Cool – One of the great things about ductless systems is that you can zone out your house. This means you are only cooling or heating the exact amount of square footage you need comfortable in that moment. Keep the kitchen and living cool during the day then switch it over to the bedrooms at not. Instead of cooling or heating a whole home, you can just make smaller areas comfortable as you use them.
  • There are no Leaking Vents  – Leaking ducts can be a big drain on your energy costs and it is hard to even know when  this is happening. When you have a ductless unit there is no air being lost to the outside. The heated and cooled air is going straight into your home. This not only saves you money but can help keep your home more comfortable.
  • Tax Credit Possibilities  – You may be able to receive a local,  state or federal tax credit for the year you install your ductless systems.  There are many programs out there and these additional savings can really help with the overall running costs of your home comfort system.

As you can see there are many economical benefits to installing and running a ductless system over more traditional heating and cooling systems.

Ductless AC Installation in Raleigh

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