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How to Decorate With Holiday Lights in an Energy-Efficient Way


As we move into the holiday season, now is a great time to plan those festive additions to your home. And tempting as it may be to break out those holiday lights you’ve had put away, it might be time to switch to more energy-efficient options.

LEDs Offer Incredible Energy Savings

Did you know that a single incandescent holiday bulb consumes as much as 12 watts of energy? Those old lights often prove terribly inefficient and cost you more in energy expenses. Also, those old bulbs don’t even use all of the energy they consume – only 10 percent goes into powering the bulb while 90 percent is lost as heat. It’s no wonder those old holiday lights get so hot!

Holiday lights and energy efficiency aren’t something you’d normally associate with one another, but LED holiday lights manage just that. LED string lights use far less energy than their conventional counterparts, saving you as much as 90 percent of your holiday energy costs. They’re also cool to the touch, making them a safer choice to have around children and pets.

Don’t Forget About Other Energy-Saving Light Bulbs

When it comes to holiday lights and energy efficiency, it’s a good idea to keep all of your lighting options open. For instance, halogen bulbs make an excellent stand-in for the incandescent bulbs traditionally used in torchiere lamps and other holiday lighting. These bulbs use up to 20 percent less energy and last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.

The only caveat is that halogens tend to burn hotter than most other bulbs. When using halogen holiday lighting, it’s important to keep potentially flammable objects away from lighting as a safety measure.

When holiday lights and energy efficiency combine, don’t hesitate to turn to Air Experts for the right answers. Since 1986, we’ve helped countless homeowners in the Raleigh and Chapel Hill area improve their homes’ energy efficiency. Contact us today!

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