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Reliable Plumbing Services in Cary, NC

Customers often encounter a plumbing emergency before they start searching for the right plumbing company. Don’t wait until something goes wrong before contacting Air Experts, a team of licensed professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality plumbing services to Cary residents and the surrounding area.

We guarantee we’ll meet your plumbing needs with affordable and reliable solutions with a range of plumbing services.

You should know before something happens who you’ll turn to for professional plumbing services.

Call 919-480-2727 or schedule online to connect with our local experts in Cary.

Plumbing Services We Provide

Don’t wait for a plumbing disaster to get the help of a local plumber. Get to know your local Air Experts professional plumber for all your plumbing fixes, large or small.

Our exceptional customer service sees you through every plumbing project to provide service support you won’t find elsewhere.

We provide plumbing services for:

  • Gas linesWhen you have a gas leak or notice wear and tear that might cause a leak, turn the line off immediately and call our team for quick repair or replacement. We also handle installation to fuel your appliances.
  • Leak detectionA small leak well-hidden in your walls or floor can have catastrophic effects on your home over time — either through long-term damage or by leading to a bigger leak capable of flooding your home. We can identify and stop the leak before it causes more damage.
  • Kitchen plumbingIs it time to add that water line for your refrigerator ice maker, move your kitchen sink, or repair a leaky faucet? Call us for all your kitchen plumbing needs, from renovations to simple repairs. 
  • Bathroom plumbingYour bathroom usually makes the most of plumbing; make sure yours is in good hands with our team. We handle all the repairs, replacements, and installations needed to keep your bathroom looking and working its best. 
  • Water heatersNeed professional help with a water heater? Whether you need repairs because the temperature has dropped, something’s leaking, or it’s time for a new unit for efficiency or age, we’ll be glad to get you what you need. 
  • Tankless water heatersLooking to upgrade to a tankless water heater? Forgoing a storage tank and heating water on demand offers unlimited hot water, lower energy bills, and an extended service life. We’ll be happy to help you make the most of it with repairs, replacements, installations, and maintenance. 
  • Water softeners: Tired of hard water leaving buildup on everything it touches? Enjoy water that feels, tastes, and cleans better, and protect your home plumbing against the damage hard water can cause. 
  • Water filtration: Tired of worrying about what’s in your water? Make sure all the water you drink, clean with, and bathe in is as fresh and pure as fine bottled water with a whole-home water filtration system from Air Experts. 
  • And more

We’ve been in the home service industry since 1986, which means we’ve built a reputation for professional contractors and quality work.

Call 919-480-2727 or schedule online today for stress-free comfort.

Need Help? Let Air Experts Handle it!

Repairs, Replacements, Installations & Maintenance

At Air Experts, we have a solution for all your plumbing needs. Our technicians can handle everything from repairs on leaking, cracked pipes to resolutions for your sump pump problems. If you’re remodeling or renovating, our installations and replacements deliver leak-free upgrades to your toilets, fixtures, and piping system to complete the look.

When you’re done, we can maintain your plumbing, whether it’s a major installation like a water heater or a small one like a garbage disposal, to keep your home’s plumbing flowing without issue.  

Advanced Protection with Our Plumbing Maintenance Plan

Your plumbing infrastructure is a major investment in your home. To keep your system running, we’re proud to offer our Comfort Club maintenance program. We help keep your repair costs down while extending the life span of your plumbing system. With the skills, experience, and a forward-thinking approach to proactive maintenance, we ensure your plumbing system is thoroughly inspected and fortified against potential threats that can lead to costly disruptions.

 Enjoy the benefits of our Comfort Club, including:

  • Discounted service call fee
  • 15% discount on repairs
  • 10% discount on water filtration
  • Prolonged system life span
  • Lower utility bills
  • Increased operating efficiency
  • Priority service
  • Two-year parts warranty (with continuous maintenance coverage)
  • Reduced number of needed repairs
  • Lower repair costs when repairs are needed

Choose Air Experts for Expert Plumbing Services in Cary Every Time

At Air Experts, we’ve developed and designed seven super service strategies to keep delivering superior plumbing services. When you enlist the help of an Air Experts plumber, you’re guaranteed:

  • Unbeatable comfort
  • No frustration
  • Lower prices
  • 30% utility savings
  • Property protection
  • Convenient scheduling options
  • Timelines in all work backed by customer satisfaction

Experience what it means to get total comfort in your home and keep our number on hand for all planned and unexpected plumbing fixes. If we don’t arrive on time, our diagnostic service is free of charge.

Call 919-480-2727 or schedule online today for reliable, comprehensive plumbing services. 

Calender Trust The process! If you’re experiencing issues with your home Air Experts makes it easy to schedule online!
Trust The process! If you’re experiencing issues with your home Air Experts makes it easy to schedule online!
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