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Heat pumps, furnaces and air conditioners are manufactured to provide many seasons of dependable and efficient service. Regrettably, many HVAC systems continue to provide inferior performance because of improper design and substandard workmanship. This condition is very common, and many homeowners simply accept poor humidity control, uneven temperatures and uncomfortable drafts as a consequence of normal equipment operation.

Common Air Conditioning Problems

Central AC systems have a variety of complicated moving parts and other components. Air conditioners should always be serviced by a licensed heating and cooling professional who has the appropriate experience and training in all phases of HVAC installation, repair and maintenance.

The most common AC problems include:

  • Coil Freezing: A frozen coil is unable to transfer energy efficiently. It usually results in a sub-cool superheat imbalance, and it is typically caused by low refrigerant, dirty filters or a clogged condensate line.
  • Low Refrigerant: When a system is low on refrigerant, it must work longer and harder to satisfy the thermostat call. Continually adding refrigerant to the system is not a long-term solution. A leak in a refrigerant line can be identified by a qualified HVAC professional and should be repaired immediately.
  • Poor Air Flow: Worn motors, clogged filters and other obstructions in the ductwork can restrict the airflow and reduce system performance and indoor comfort. In order to improve efficiency, the ductwork should be cleaned on an annual basis, and the filters should be changed frequently.

Helpful Tips

There are numerous methods that can be used to improve comfort while lowering equipment operational costs:

  • Provide Shade for the Condensing Unit: Setting the condensing unit in a shaded area can improve overall operating efficiency by at least 10 percent.
  • Install Ceiling Fans: Strategically placed ceiling fans will help increase the volume of air moving through the building, which will significantly reduce the load on your HVAC system.
  • Regular Preventative Maintenance: Routine maintenance will help keep your heating and air conditioning equipment operating at peak efficiency. Worn components can be identified and repaired before they can affect system performance.
  • Adding Insulation: Insulation remains one of the most cost effective energy saving upgrades. Bringing insulation levels up to current Department of Energy standards can help save as much as 50 percent on monthly cooling and heating expenses.

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