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How to Work Energy Conservation and Efficiency into Your Raleigh Home

Have you been wondering how you can conserve more energy in your home?  Many families have been able to save energy and reduce their monthly energy bill by conserving energy and becoming more energy efficient.

So how do you do it? This article will help you understand what energy efficiency and energy conservation are, and it will give you some practical tips for reducing your carbon footprint.

What Is Energy Efficiency?

Being energy efficient means finding ways to use less energy to get the same effect and being able to obtain the same benefit even though you’re using much less energy. There are several ways to do this in your home.

When you’re able to successfully become energy efficient, you end up saving more energy without experiencing a big change in your lifestyle.

Here are some examples of energy efficiency:

  • Air sealing your home to keep the conditioned air inside
  • Investing in an energy efficient HVAC system that uses less energy to perform the same function
  • Upgrading to energy efficient windows. These windows keep the inside air from escaping to the outside.
  • Buying a more energy efficient refrigerator

These are great ways to save more energy while still enjoying the same benefits you had previously. This helps you save energy and money.

What Is Energy Conservation?

Energy conservation is when you change your lifestyle in a way that causes you to use less energy. Contrary to energy efficiency, you don’t get the same effect when you make the change. However, there are ways to conserve energy in a way that doesn’t affect your everyday life.

Here are some examples:

  • Turning off lights in rooms that aren’t being used
  • Using the cold setting on a washing machine instead of the hot setting
  • Only running the dishwasher when there’s a full load

For more information about energy efficiency and steps you can take to make your home’s HVAC system more efficient, contact the pros at Air Experts.

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