Tips to Lower Cooling Costs in Your Home This Summer

Cooling costs take a significant bite out of every household budget in the summer, but there are some effective ways to better manage them. Here are several techniques you can use to lower cooling costs this year to save money and increase energy efficiency.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

shutterstock_148060193-300x270Programmable thermostats allow precise control over HVAC system function, giving you the opportunity to save both energy and money. They’re best used to automatically adjust indoor temperatures to match you and your family’s schedule. Set temperatures to automatically set back when you and your family are away, for example, and then program them to increase just before everyone returns.

Reduce Heat Gain From Appliances

Avoid operating heat-generating appliances during the day. This includes the oven, dishwasher and clothes dryer. Instead, use an outdoor grill and line-dry clothes whenever possible.

Increase Insulation

Add to or increase the amount of insulation in the walls, floors and ceiling. Pay particular attention to the attic. Attics get hot as sunlight hits the roof, and this heat will radiate downward into living spaces, increasing temperatures throughout your home.

Improve the Seal

Find and seal any cracks, gaps or holes in the envelope. Make sure the HVAC ductwork is also thoroughly sealed to prevent air and energy loss as conditioned air travels through it.

Install and Use a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans provide air currents that cool you directly. They also help re-circulate cool air that’s gathered near the floor. Remember that the cooling only works when the breezes contact your body, so turn off ceiling fans in rooms that aren’t occupied to save money and energy.

Use Exhaust Fans

Use exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen when showering and cooking. This will help remove excess humidity and heat from your indoor environment.

For more information on how to lower cooling costs in your home this summer, check out Air Experts’ home cooling solutions or call 919-887-2132.

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