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Keep You and Your Home Healthy by Staying Active in the Winter


Americans typically already spend the majority of their time indoors; however, during the winter (and particularly during the holidays), the temptation to stay in and drink hot cocoa is even stronger than usual. Staying active in the winter is important for your overall health, and you can use it as an opportunity to keep your home healthy, too.

You don’t have to spend hours at the gym to get your exercise for the day. In fact, 30 minutes of activity is a good baseline. People who are active for half an hour a day report better moods and immune systems than those who lead an inactive life. And activity doesn’t have to leave you sweating and exhausted, either: the goal is just to get moving. Try these:

  • Get a head start on spring cleaning. Dust, vacuum and sweep floors, and rent a steam vacuum to take care of carpets. Doing so can cut down on the number of allergens in your indoor air, and that’s a good thing if you’re spending your time indoors.
  • Seal doors with weatherstripping, window sills with caulk, and windows with plastic film.  Not only will this get you moving around the house, it’ll also make your whole home warmer.
  • If the weather’s not too bad, trim any vegetation away from south-facing windows. This will help sunlight come into your home, offering you passive solar heating.
  • Talk to your home HVAC experts about insulation in attic spaces. This can be a matter of buying fiberglass batts or rolls and installing them in the attic. Attic insulation won’t just keep warmth in during the winter. When the summer sun comes out, attic insulation keeps warmth from seeping into your home.

Your health may be the most important thing, but your home’s health has a big impact on home comfort. To learn more about keeping your Raleigh area home healthy and staying active in the winter, or to schedule an HVAC checkup or home energy assessment, call us at Air Experts today!

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