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Is Lennox the Best Air Conditioning Brand?

When looking for a new air conditioner for your Raleigh home you may start asking friends and family for their opinions, or you might get online and see who is talking about what. There is no doubt many names will get thrown at you during this time. This can make it even harder to decide which air conditioner you should install in your home.

One of the names you might here come up often is Lennox. Lennox has been around for many years and due to the fact that they have been creating home comfort systems that are reliable, their reputation is pretty strong. So is Lennox the best air conditioning brand?

Lennox, is it the Best Air Conditioning Brand?

There are many reasons why the Lennox brand comes up a lot when you ask others about air conditioner brands.

  • Lennox provides a place for actual owners to leave reviews on products, this is a great way to find out how Lennox systems work for real homeowners.
  • Lennox works on creating high-efficiency systems using the latest technology. High-efficiency systems keep your home comfortable while saving you money on your energy costs. Look for the Lennox energy star rated AC products.
  • Lennox offer warranties on all their AC products, these warranties give you peace of mind so that you can have the system installed, knowing if something goes wrong it’s covered.
  • Lennox is constantly working on new technology so that they can deliver the coldest, cleanest, quietest air to your home while saving you money.
  • Lennox products have a reputation for reliability. Many owners appreciate how long their AC unit lasts when properly maintained.
  • Lennox uses mobile technology to give you full control over your home’s comfort systems.

As you can see Lennox brings a lot to the table when it comes to keeping your home comfortable but is it the best air conditioning brand?

The answer to this really depends on what you are looking for when it comes to your new air conditioner if you are looking for all of the above plus a strong reputation, affordability and reliability then the answer could very well be yes. However, brands like Carrier, Rheem, Trane, and others certainly have a claim that they are the best choice for you, too. Do your research on all the brands of HVAC systems we carry and install in Raleigh to decide which system checks all of the boxes for you!

Lennox Air Conditioning Installation in Raleigh

If you are looking to install a Lenox air conditioning system in your home, choosing the right team for installation is important. You want experts that have worked with Lennox systems in the past and are certified to install, repair and maintain Lennox systems. Choosing the right team to install your air conditioner can make all the difference when it comes to how well your system works and your air conditioning unit longevity.

The team at Air Experts Heating and Cooling trust the manufacturers at Lennox to create AC units that are reliable and  cost effective. We are trained to install and care for Lennox systems and we have the knowledge to help you choose the right system for your home.

If you would like to know more about Lennox AC systems, contact the team at Air Experts today at 919 – 890 – 7789.

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