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Hybrid Water Heaters: 6 Big Reasons You Should Invest In One

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Whether it’s a hot shower to wake up, tackling that never-ending pile of laundry while listening to a podcast, or a giant splash as kids rinse the dishes after dinner (we can dream, right?), we all have water rituals that get us through the day clean, happy, and refreshed. But these things all require hot water. Having a hybrid water heater can help save you the energy needed to produce heated water. 

According to the Department of Energy, water heaters account for about 20% of a household’s energy usage. While minimizing your hot water usage can help save money and the environment, investing in a more energy-efficient water heater will do much more. A hybrid water heater, also known as a heat pump water heater, is one of many energy-efficient options you could go with. 

How It Works

A heat pump, also used in some heating systems, uses an evaporator coil to transfer heat from the surrounding air to a space people want heating. In the case of a water heater, it goes to a storage tank where it heats the water. Essentially, it works like a reverse refrigerator. Hybrid water heaters are ideal for homes in the Greater Raleigh area, where they can take advantage of our warm, agreeable climate. 

Pro Tip: Your water heater will be even more effective if placed in a furnace room, laundry room, or other warm spaces.  

But what makes a hybrid water heater hybrid? Well, during periods of high hot water demand, it uses electricity to heat the water, like if you have a family that finds themselves showering back-to-back-to-back. When the hybrid is drawing electricity to get that extra needed energy, its energy efficiency decreases for that time.   

Why A Hybrid Water Heater Might Be Right For You

1) Energy Savings

This is probably the biggest pro about getting a hybrid. By taking excess heat from the air, it can be up to three times more energy efficient than a regular electric water heater. 

2) High Return On Investment: 

Because a hybrid water heater saves you energy, it saves you a lot of money that you would be spending on your energy bill if you owned an electric water heater. The graphs below show the average savings someone will get by replacing an electric water heater with a hybrid.

Hybrids have an average intial invest of 5400 while Electric have an average of 3050.
Hybrids have an average annual operating cost of $95 while Electric have average of $487. 
Hybrid Average Lifetime ROI is $5092 for 13 years. 
Hybrid has an average annual savings of $392
This is calculated with the 2023 elec rate of Duke Energy.

3) Longer Lifespan

Hybrids last longer than regular electric water heaters. While most electric water heaters have an average lifespan of 10, hybrid water heaters’ average lifespan is 15 years. And remember, with good maintenance, your water heater has a better chance of lasting longer. Because hybrids tend to last longer, they also have more extended warranties. 

4) Recovery Rate

Hybrid water heaters have a higher recovery rate than electric water heaters. Recovery rate is measured by the number of gallons of hot water replenished within an hour. Switching the hybrid’s settings to electric if you run out of hot water can get you more of it. Essentially, you’ll have plenty of efficient hot water.

5) Easy To Program

There is a simple app with hybrid water heaters where you can personalize its settings. Are you going on vacation? No problem. You can minimize your water heater’s energy usage while you’re away. Do you need to change the water heater’s output but don’t want to go to the basement? You can do it on your phone.

6) Dehumidification

When a heat pump pulls heat from the surrounding air, it has the side effect of dehumidifying that air. This is a small positive side effect, but still a positive effect, nonetheless.

Why A Hybrid Might Not Be For You

1) Upfront Cost

Hybrid water heaters have a higher upfront price tag than electric water heaters. But remember, given its energy efficiency and longer lifespan, it will cost less in the long run. Our Ease Comfort Program makes replacing your water heater easy and affordable with monthly payments. Additionally, there are a couple of programs through local governments and energy companies that your household may be qualified for. Check out Duke Energy Efficiency Rebate Program and IRS Home Energy Tax Credits Flyer to see if you would be eligible.

2) It Takes Up More Space

If your old electric water heater is in a tight space, you may not be able to replace the water heater and keep it in the same location. A hybrid water heater will be taller since it has an evaporator coil and will require more space than a standard lowboy water heater.    

3) Maintenance

Since hybrids have heat pumps, they need extra care, such as changing air filter and draining the condensation line. However, all water heaters need to be maintained with regular cleaning; hybrids just have some extra components that need attention.   

If you are someone who finds energy efficiency important, cherishes hot showers and bathes, and loves the convenience of your household devices being controlled from phone apps, then consider getting a hybrid when you find your old water heater isn’t cutting it anymore! Schedule your free quote with one of our Comfort Advisors today, and they’ll help you figure out what works best for you and your family.  

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