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How Does Your HVAC System Work? 8 Important Parts and What They Do


A home’s HVAC system is responsible for maintaining temperature, regulating humidity and cleaning the air. Let’s look at the key parts of the HVAC system.


The furnace is responsible for pushing heated or cooled air throughout the system. This large unit is often stored in a basement, utility room or attic.

Heat Exchanger

A key component of the furnace, heat exchangers quickly warm the air that’s brought into the furnace either from outside the home or through the its ductwork. Heat exchangers are either fueled by natural gas and use gas burners or powered by electricity and heat air using electric coils.

Evaporator Coil

Located on the top or side of the furnace, evaporator coils cool air that flows through the home. The coils are activated when the thermostat indicates the home needs cool air. Evaporator coils use the furnace’s blower unit to distribute the cooled air through the home’s ductwork.

Condensing Unit

Located outside the home, condensing units contain refrigerant gas cooled by exchanging heat with the outside air. The gas is compressed and condensed, which turns the gas into liquid. The liquid is then moved into the evaporator coil where it’s used to cool the air.

Refrigerant Lines

Made of copper or aluminum, refrigerant lines carry liquid from the condensing unit outside to the furnace inside. These lines are then used to return the expended gas back to the condensing unit.


Thermostats control the temperature within your home. The thermostat notifies the system to heat or cool to the desired temperature by using sensors throughout the home.


These unseen parts of the HVAC system are responsible for distributing air. Ductwork is typically located in the walls or ceiling, ending at the vents and registers in the home’s rooms.


Typically made of medal or wood, vents disperse air throughout the rooms in the home.

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