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Heat Pump or Air Conditioner: How to Choose

When it comes to installing a cooling system in your Raleigh-Durham home, you’re probably wondering where to start. Making a decision to install a heat pump or air conditioner? There are several factors to consider when you are looking to select one of the two.

Some of the factors you should consider, include: costs, energy-efficiency levels, and the climate in the area where you live. Now, let us explore the advantages of each system to make selecting easier for you.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners work by cooling down the home’s air using a refrigerant. Warm air is removed, cooled by the system, and then recycled into the air flow. When the temperatures soar in summer, or say, you live in areas with a hot and humid climate, air conditioners prove as efficient cooling systems for those warm months.

Heat Pumps

Although there are many different types of heat pumps, the basic mechanisms at work are fairly consistent. Heat pumps are like reversible air conditioners, allowing them to either add or remove heat from your home at will. They work simply by removing or adding heat into your home form the environment outside. For example, if it’s warm outside, the heat pump will remove the warm air from your home, cooling it down. If it’s cold outside, the heat pump will push warm air into your home, heating it up.

With a heat pump, you can enjoy both heating and cooling functions—something that an air conditioner cannot do.

Both systems have their own advantages, and each high-efficiency system will cool your home with ease. By installing the best model of heat pump or air conditioner for your Raleigh home, you can save money on utility bills, cut down on general repair costs, and create a more comfortable indoor environment.

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