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How Durham Homeowners Can Troubleshoot Common Heat Pump Issues

If you’re like many Durham area homeowners, you dread the idea of troubleshooting heat pump issues if and when they pop up. Fortunately, it’s all a matter of knowing what to look out for. The following offer valuable info on troubleshooting heat pump issues, as well as what to do when you find the cause of your heating troubles.

heat-pump-300x282-300x282Frost Issues

As a heat pump extracts the latent heat from outdoor air, it also condenses the moisture in the air. With outdoor coil temperatures at or below freezing, it’s easy for frost to form on the unit.

Large accumulations of frost or ice, however, typically indicate a malfunction in the defrost cycle, which is designed to melt off accumulated frost. If this is the case for your system, it’s a good idea to turn the unit off and call your technician for repairs.

Odd Noises

Odd noises emanating from the indoor or outdoor unit can be caused by any of the following:

  • A blower fan that’s out of balance due to dirt, dust or ice accumulation
  • A worn or defective fan motor belt
  • Contact between the fan and the surrounding metal enclosure
  • Failed fan motor bearings
  • Improper or lack of lubrication

Your best bet is to cut power to the heat pump until the above issues are taken care of by a trusted HVAC technician.

No Heat or Power

If the heat pump isn’t working at all, try resetting the circuit breakers designated for the heat pump. You can do this by turning the breakers all the way off and back on again.

If the unit still doesn’t work, make sure you haven’t accidentally triggered the heat pump’s power cut-off switch, especially if it’s located in a relatively open location, such as the side of the heat pump’s indoor cabinet or near a stairway.

If this step fails, you may have an electrical issue that’s best handled by an expert technician.

To learn more about troubleshooting heat pump issues, contact the professionals at Air Experts. We proudly provide heating and cooling services to homeowners throughout Apex, Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill.

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