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When Should I Call for Emergency Furnace Repair?

A cold winter night in the Raleigh-Durham area will quickly become much worse if your furnace suddenly stops working properly. Beyond reduced comfort, a malfunctioning furnace can also cause safety issues or further system damage, so it’s best to have it repaired as soon as possible.

In some cases, you may be able to throw on an extra blanket and wait until regular business hours for repairs. If the problem is bad enough, though, you may need to call for emergency furnace repair. Though it’s a bit more expensive, if there’s a major safety issue or if the problem will cause further damage if it isn’t repaired, the extra cost is worthwhile.

Signs You Need Emergency Furnace Repair

Here are a few signs that your furnace will need repairs soon and some tips to determine if they should be done immediately with emergency furnace repair.

1. The Furnace Isn’t Running

If the furnace won’t turn on, you should try resetting the breakers and ensuring the thermostat, pilot light, or electronic ignitor are working properly. If the furnace still won’t run and it’s extremely cold, you may need emergency repair.

2. Poor Heat Output

If your furnace isn’t heating properly, it could be a clogged air filter, duct obstruction, or other minor issue. As long as it’s providing enough heat to keep you relatively warm, and the system seems to be operating fine otherwise, the repairs can likely wait until business hours.

3. Strange Smells

If your furnace is emitting a musty or dusty odor, the air ducts may be dirty, or the air filter may need to be changed, which can wait. If you smell smoke, chemical odors, or burning plastic, however, there may be combustion gases entering your home from a damaged flue or heat exchanger, or there may be a major problem with the electrical system. The system should be shut down, and you should call for emergency furnace repair.

4. Unusual Noises

Some noises, like tapping from a damaged fan belt or banging from loose ductwork, may be able to wait for the next service visit, or until regular business hours. Other noises, such as screeching from a damaged blower motor or banging from improper combustion, will require emergency furnace repair. If you’re unsure of the source, it’s best to have the system inspected immediately.

5. Improper Flame Color

When operating properly, your furnace’s pilot light and its burner flames should be mostly blue. If the flames are yellow, there could be a combustion problem and excessive carbon monoxide production, which can be dangerous or even deadly. Call for emergency repair to have the system inspected immediately.

6. CO Alarms

If your carbon monoxide detectors are sounding an alarm, the heat exchanger in your furnace is likely damaged, there’s a major combustion problem, or the flue is obstructed. These indicators should be checked during your yearly furnace maintenance. If the heat exchanger is damaged, shut the system down and call for emergency furnace repairs to have it inspected.

Call Air Experts for Emergency Furnace Repair in the Raleigh-Durham Area

If you have a major problem with your furnace, our team at Air Experts can help. We offer 24-hour emergency furnace repairs throughout the Raleigh-Durham area, as well as standard maintenance, repair, replacement, and installation services.

Contact Air Experts at 919-480-2727 for emergency furnace repairs at any time, day or night.

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