Benefits of Installing a Whole-House Humidifier

The cold winter air does more than induce shivers and teeth-chattering. The air becomes quite dry during the winter months both indoors and out. Air that lacks moisture causes all sorts of problems, ranging from dry skin to itchy eyes and dandruff. You can combat the perils of dry air by installing a whole-home humidifier! It will keep your indoor air’s moisture at the perfect level, helping you stay comfortable regardless of how cool and dry it is outside.

How Whole-House Humidifiers Work

Whole-home humidifiers inject much-needed moisture into your indoor air during the driest months of the year. If you lug around a portable home humidifier to replenish your indoor air supply’s moisture level, it is time to upgrade to the whole-home variety!

A whole-home humidifier can be easily controlled with a thermostat, improving the moisture level of your entire house rather than a single room. You won’t have to refill a tank with water over and over again when you invest in a whole-home humidifier. This humidifying technology is integrated directly into your home’s existing heating and cooling system. It sends water vapor through your home heating ducts to add moisture to your living space. The humidity level is controlled by a thermostat, similar to the way a thermostat adjusts according to your specified temperature setting.

Advantages of Whole-House Humidifiers

Consider how nice life would be in the winter months if you didn’t have super dry skin that itched and cracked. Though a whole-home humidifier can’t guarantee perfectly healthy skin, it will certainly add some much-needed moisture to your body, which can make you look and feel much better in the cold winter weather.

Dry air is a direct threat to your well-being. An overly dry living space can increase instances of sickness, infection, cracked and dry skin, respiratory problems, and all sorts of other health issues. Dry air even sucks moisture out of your home’s wood floors, wood frames, wood furnishings and even your instruments. Have a whole-home humidifier installed and you won’t have to worry about living in a home that causes sickness and discomfort.

Overly dry air also makes your air feel colder when compared to air with the proper level of moisture. Heating bills can be reduced by more than four percent for each degree a thermostat is lowered. This means that since your home’s indoor air retains more heat when humidified, you can turn down your thermostat and still remain warm (but save money!).

Consider all of the extra work involved in operating single-room humidifiers. That have to be carried to and from the rooms you wish to humidify, since they can only add moisture to one room at a time. Additionally, they require constant water refills in order to function as designed. There is no need to worry about such refills with a whole-house humidifier that connects right into your existing HVAC system. It will make a minimal impact on your monthly water bill, allowing you to maintain a reasonable budget throughout the winter months.

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