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  • "Your response was incredibly fast and the technician came the very same day that I submitted our request! Chris C was very helpful & gave us the second opinion we needed. He also provided us with an estimate of the work he suggested we do to take care of the problem with mold in our A/C coil chamber. So, I've now arranged for Air Experts to come and install a UV sanitizing light this week! Thank you!"
    Customer: Anna
    Employee: Chris C
    Work description: Service
    Date: 07/02/2017

  • "Air Experts was very easy to work with scheduling a time for maintenance and repair. The service technician arrived within the scheduled time window, which I appreciate since I had to take off work for a couple of hours. The technician was very thorough and knowledgeable of my heating & cooling systems and took the time to show me the defective part and what he proposed to do to fix it. Issues appear to be resolved - no issues since the repair was completed."
    Customer: Penny
    Employee: Gabe
    Work description: Maintenance
    Date: 07/02/2017

  • "The repairman was punctual and explained our problem well. Unfortunately, we had to replace our a/c, but they sent a person to give us a quote the next day. He didn't pressure me to buy the higher end models, and I appreciated that. Their prices were fair. They were there to replace it the following day and they did a great job. Punctual, respectful, made sure they didn't mess up my house (laid tarp down on floor). Great job--really liked them; will hire them again."
    Customer: Margaret
    Employee: Kenny
    Work description: Service
    Date: 07/02/2017

  • "Very prompt and honest service!!"
    Customer: Suman
    Employee: Scott A
    Work description: Service
    Date: 07/01/2017

  • "Chris did a great job! Highly recommend"
    Customer: Glenn
    Employee: Chris C
    Work description: Maintenance
    Date: 06/27/2017

  • "Scott was very good and knowledgeable. The installation went smoothly, but some of the installation in the attic was walked in and crushed."
    Customer: Lisa
    Employee: Carletta
    Work description: Maintenance
    Date: 06/26/2017

  • "The technician was right on time, diagnosed the problem quickly and was able to repair the issue. Very satisfied with the service."
    Customer: Chrstopher
    Employee: Chris C
    Work description: Maintenance
    Date: 06/21/2017

  • "Air Experts gets an excellent rating from me with one caveat. I found them easy to work with. Very prompt and attentive to customer needs. They have helped me out twice this year. Once when my furnace broke down and they got a replacement in place right away so I only was without heat for a day. The second time when the cooling coil inside the house from the AC outside developed a Freon leak. They were prompt and honest again and let me know my options to rectify the problem. I could replace the internal coil at one cost and at a greater cost replace the whole system. The deciding variable for me was that the old system had R-22 refrigerant which is being phased out by 2020 and a new system which would operate with R-410A refrigerant which will be the new standard. After researching the refrigerant problem myself I opted to go with a new system as it made the best long term sense. Again, they didn't pressure me one way or the other; they just let me know my options which I appreciated. In both the case of the furnace and the air conditioning system the installation teams were thorough and great. Their administrative team even worked to get me longer warranties as if they had been purchased as a package deal instead of different items 3 months apart. The one caveat I have for the prospective customer is the fact that I didn't research cost based alternatives in detail with other companies. So I can't say that I got the most inexpensive deal. I can say that I did get a high quality deal which I believe I can rely on for years to come."
    Customer: William
    Employee: Tony
    Work description: Service
    Date: 06/18/2017

  • "Great company with great employees!! They had a tech diagnose my problem, a supervisor go over options, then replacement of two units all within a weeks time!! Outstanding overall service and with that, they have earned a lifelong customer."
    Customer: Juan
    Employee: Gabe
    Work description: Service
    Date: 06/16/2017

  • "We're very satisfied with the spring tuneup for our system. Kyle did a great job."
    Customer: Pat
    Employee: Kyle
    Work description: Maintenance
    Date: 06/16/2017

I purchased a Big Deal for Air Experts Heating & Cooling. They did a tune-up of the heating and air unit. They checked the components and made sure there was enough refrigerant.

There was an additional charge to the $49 Big Deal because I have two units and we agreed that they would service the second unit at that same rate. I have actually used them before prior to them doing the Angie’s List Deal and I had good service. I have used them multiple times through Angie’s List. It has always been positive and they have been responsive. They are a good company to work with. There was nothing negative and they were on time.

– John

I had trouble getting HVAC providers to return my phone call for my small job to install an additional air vent. Air Experts representatives were very friendly, promptly made an appointment, and showed up on time with 2 people. They performed the job right then and made our home so much more comfortable. You can bet when I need a big job, I will call them. Too bad other companies don’t get it.

– Tammy

My heat went out. I am so worried of being told I need to pay a huge bill when the problem is easily fixable but will bring in less $ for the provider. This company was completely honest, and while they warned me that my unit is getting older, it was an easy and cheap fix for now. Because I trust them, I will use them again.

– Heather

I bought a big deal for a humidifier installation. Within a day of purchasing, Air Experts contacted me to set up an appointment. They arrived for the appointment on time and took care of everything. I would definitely use them again.

– Daniel

I got 2 new furnaces and A/C units. Air Experts are a great company to work with and are all about the customer service. They are professional, timely and honest. All 3 of those qualities are hard to find anymore. Of all the companies out there to use, this is the only one worth your time talking to. They treat their people well and it shows.

– Andrea

Dave Hepner, Project Manager of Air Experts called to my house to give me a quote for a new HVAC to serve my 2nd floor as my existing 17 year old system was showing signs of age.  He gave me very detailed information about the system he would recommend and why he would recommend it.  He appeared very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his job and it was a pleasure doing business with him.  They were able to perform the work the very next day and the technicians arrived early and were very polite and courteous. They were even very patient with my dog and were able to work around her without me having to lock her in a room out of their way.  This meant a lot to me.  They worked hard and completed the job by the middle of the afternoon, cleaned up after themselves and made sure I was happy with everything they had done.  I was delighted with the price and the professionalism of this company. Dave called me himself the next day to make sure that I was happy with the work that had been done.  The office is preparing my rebate forms and I should have them this week to submit for over $500 in rebates.  I use this company for my annual maintenance and have done for three years now.  I only have good things to say about them.  Thank you Air Experts.

– Karen

After nursing my old system through the past two winters, I knew it was time to replace.  Sales rep was very professional and personable, and I was comfortable with his recommendation and price for replacement of not only 20 yr. old furnace, but also slightly less old but very inefficient air system.  I felt the price was reasonable for what I got, but not a race horse deal, hence a good on price rather than excellent!  Sales, installation, follow up were all excellent and I am VERY happy with the results.  My home is warmer than it’s been in quite a while and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Wi-Fi thermostat!!

– Sarah

Marvin came to my home 3 times to diagnose and fix a hard to locate lingering furnace problem (the last visit was on Christmas Eve morning!). What made this problem such as challenge was that the furnace worked fine most of the time but would sporadically and inexplicably would not fire up on random cold mornings. The usual fix of flipping the circuit breaker a few times finally stopped working. It was through Marvin’s conscientiousness and persistence of wanting to do a great job with pride that ultimately led to success. Upon his return to for the second visit to look at the unit, he stated he had consulted with the Trane Tech support to help diagnose the problem and thought he had it figured out (most of the problem was primarily from work done long ago by another company). After what he thought was the fix, he had to come back a 3rd time after the unit starting acting oddly with another set of problems. Promptly coming back on Christmas Eve morning, “never say die Marvin” jumped back in to additional diagnosis with another tech support source for the final fix. Marvin from Air Experts is now my go to guy for all furnace and AC service who I will ask for by name (I have a service contract with Air Experts). If you have a especially difficult to diagnose furnace problem that requires up and beyond the call of duty effort, Marvin is the guy to ask for at Air experts!

– Scott

Our furnace died. We had to decide if we should repair the old furnace or replace it with a newer one. The salesperson took a lot of time to investigate the way our HVAC system is set up in our home. He explored options for correcting some small duct issues that we have upstairs in our home. The entire process was very smooth from beginning to end. The company took care of all of the details. Installation went really well. I will use them again in the future! Thanks for all of your great work and attention to detail!

– Amy

Air Experts replaced our old combination heating/air unit with a new split furnace and air conditioning system. The combined unit that was replaced was located outside our house. Air Experts installed the new, much more efficient system in our crawlspace. They also sealed and cleaned our ductwork and installed new thermostats. They did an excellent job and we would use their services again.

– Jane

Air Experts replaced my 20 year old gas pack with a new gas package unit (furnace and AC unit).

I got 3 bids for this work.  I chose Air Experts on the basis of their pricing and the warranty on the gas pack.  The installation crew show up the day after I informed Air Experts I wanted them to do the job.  At the end of the day, the unit was installed and running, and everything was cleaned up.  They followed up to check on the work and make sure I was completely satisfied.  They did a great job.

– John

Heat pump quit working. Seemed to be trying but wasn’t producing any heat. Called the company that installed it 9 years ago. They sent a tech who came by and checked it out.

He came back with a whole laundry list of things that were bad.  Said it was a domino effect where one item failed which caused another then another and so on. List included a contractor, dual capacitor(s), defrost board, fan motor, recovery, evacuation and refill of coolant and likely other things as well but so many things were bad he couldn’t complete all the testing. The cost to that point was over $2,800. He strongly hinted there would be more after those components were replaced and the system could be tested thoroughly. Meanwhile a whole new unit would ‘only’ cost around $6,000.

While taking some time to ponder this, found Air Experts $29 Second Opinion special on Angie’s List. Best money I’ve ever spent in my life. They sent a tech who reached in and gave the fan a spin by hand. The unit fired up and worked perfectly. After testing the whole system, he agreed that the fan motor was failing but that was it. Everything else was fine.

No burnt contactors, capacitors were capacitating, defrost board was fine, Freon level was fine, etc. All we needed was a new fan motor. He came back a couple of days later, installed the new motor and the heat pump has worked perfectly ever since.

I was actually considering spending the $6K for a new unit and instead got it fixed by an honest man/company for 1/10 of that.

– James

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We were able to schedule a visit within three days for a non-critical air duct cleaning. Service tech arrived on time, provided excellent service, and solid advice for keeping our ducts clean. Thank you.

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