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24-Hour Heat Pump Repair in Raleigh & Durham, NC

Heat pumps can provide a reliable way for Raleigh homeowners to heat and cool their homes, easily switching from heating to cooling mode as the area’s unpredictable weather dictates. Yet heat pumps, like all heating and cooling systems, do sometimes create problems.

Air Experts Heating & Cooling offers heat pump repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, so you can ensure that your system is always running exactly as it should. If your heat pump goes out in the middle of the night, you can have one of our technicians at your home quickly, so you can restore your family’s comfort.

Contact us today to schedule your emergency heat pump repair in Raleigh, Durham, and surrounding areas of North Carolina!

Signs You Need Emergency Heat Pump Repair

How can you tell your heat pump is in need of an emergency repair appointment? Some common signs to watch for include:

  • Electrical or burning smells. Any time something smells as though it’s burning, you need to check it out. While this could be something minor, it could be a serious emergency that’s putting your family’s safety at risk. Better to be safe and make the call than to wait and end up with a serious emergency on your hands.
  • Loud sounds. Heat pumps operate fairly quietly. If you’re hearing strange, loud noises, then something’s wrong. Clicking or grinding, in particular, is an indication of a serious problem that warrants a call for emergency repair.
  • Ice on the heat pump. Some frost buildup is normal, but if frost does not melt after a while when the system’s defrost mode kicks in, then the problem may be more serious. Ice typically indicates a refrigerant leak, but it can also indicate a clogged air filter. To ensure your family can stay comfortable, call for service.
  • No function at all. Finally, if your system simply refuses to function, then you have an emergency repair need. Before calling, make sure you don’t have a tripped circuit or a thermostat that’s set incorrectly, but if everything checks out and the system won’t start, you need to get help.

Do you have one of these signs? Air Experts is here for you 24 hours a day with emergency heat pump repair services. Give us a call at 919-480-2727 and we will send someone right over.

Schedule 24-Hour Heat Pump Repair in the Raleigh & Durham, NC Areas

Air Experts is no stranger to the Raleigh region. Since 1986, we have been the name that homeowners in the Triangle trust for their heating and cooling needs. We are dependable, professional and punctual. We also offer heat pump repair 24/7, so you’ll always have help when you need it.

At Air Experts, we believe in providing the best possible service every time you call for home heating and cooling services. To ensure that this happens at every service call, we offer all of our customers our Super 7 Guarantees. From ensuring the efficiency of your system to ensuring you get the lowest price, guaranteed, you can trust us to deliver superior service at a better price and with professional technicians.

Learn more about our Super 7 Guarantees now, or contact us to schedule emergency heat pump repair in your Raleigh or Durham area home.

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