Frequently Asked Questions: Heating

Your heating unit is an essential part of your HVAC system for keeping you warm and comfortable in your home. However, it can be easy to forget about them up until something goes wrong. If you’re looking to have a furnace installed, repaired, or scheduled for routine maintenance, you may have a few questions about what to expect. You’re sure to find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions here.  

How Often Should I Change My Heating Filter?

The frequency with which you change your furnace’s filter will depend on the type of filter you use for your furnace.

  • Polyester filters once every three months.
  • Fiberglass filters once every 30 days.
  • Electrostatic filters – once a month.
  • Pleated filters – once every 90 days.
  • HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters – every six months.

When Is the Right Time To Replace My Furnace?

When your furnace is nearing the end of its life span, is consistently underperforming, or needing frequent repairs.

Why Are Noises Coming From My Furnace?

Noises from your furnace can be caused by several things, including clogged ducts, a malfunctioning blower motor, or a crack in the heat exchanger. If cleaning the ducts doesn’t fix the issue, call Air Experts for furnace repair services.

Why Is My Furnace Leaking?

There may be a humidifier leak, condensation leak, or a clogged filter. Professional repairs will most likely be required.

What Does AFUE Stand For?

It stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency, which compares the amount of heat delivered throughout your home with the amount of fuel supplied to your furnace.

How Much Will a New Furnace Cost?

Depending on the model you choose, a new furnace can cost between $1,500 to $6,500. A mid-efficiency one will usually run between $1,500 to $3,500, while a higher efficiency one could run between $3,000 to $5,000.

How Long Will My New Furnace Last?

New gas furnaces can last between 15 and 20 years, whereas electric furnaces can last between 20 and 30 years.

How Can I Make My Furnace Last Longer?

Furnaces can be made to last five to 10 additional years with routine maintenance. You can schedule professional furnace maintenance services with Air Experts.

Why Is My Furnace Not Getting Hot Enough?

Aside from a possibly clogged filter, your furnace may not be the right size for the space it’s heating up. Our technicians at Air Experts can replace your filter with an appropriately sized one.

Which Is Better: An Electric or Gas Furnace?

For the most part, furnace selection depends on fuel availability. Apart from that, both gas and electric furnaces have their benefits and disadvantages. Gas furnaces tend to have lower operating costs and heat homes faster than electric furnaces. However, electric furnaces pose less of a health risk due to not using gas, therefore not emitting carbon monoxide. They also tend to operate quieter and last nearly twice as long as gas furnaces. Speak with one of our professionals to help you make the right choice for your home.

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