Heat Pump Repair & Maintenance in Raleigh, NC

With hot, humid summers and cool winter, your heat pump is busy year-round. That places a lot of strain on your home’s heating and cooling  system. When you need reliable heat pump repair or a heat pump tune-up in Raleigh, call Air Experts.

The professionals at Air Experts Heating & Cooling are available around the clock to ensure your heat pump is operating at peak efficiency and that your home and family remain comfortable, regardless of the weather outside.

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Signs Your Heat Pump is in Need of Repair

The best time to call Air Experts for heat pump repair in Raleigh is at the first signs of unusual or troubling behavior, to avoid further damage and prevent an unexpected breakdown. Here are some common warning signs to watch out for:

  • Reduced air flow. A decrease in the volume of air output can signal any number of issues, including a refrigerant leak, faulty ductwork, or a clogged air filter—all of which can place undue stress on system components.
  • Inadequate heating or cooling. Are some rooms in your home warmer or cooler than others? Is your heat pump unable to reach the desired set temperature on your thermostat? It may be time to consider replacing an inefficient, aging heat pump with a newer more energy efficient model; however, these issues may also be the result of a faulty compressor, leaky ducts, or inadequate refrigerant levels.
  • Unusual noises. Grinding, clicking, squealing, hissing, or other unusual sounds emanating from your heat pump are cause for concern and warrant a call for repair.
  • Icing. The most common cause of a build-up of ice along the coils is a refrigerant leak, requiring a professional assessment, repair, and recharging.
  • Inability to change modes. A built-in reversing valve allows your heat pump to switch from heating mode to cooling mode as the seasons change, but if it should malfunction you’ll need to call for repair.

If it turns out that your heat pump is beyond repair, Air Experts also offers installation for new heat pumps. Learn more about heat pump installation here.

Protect Your Heat Pump with a Tune-Up

An annual heat pump tune-up will keep your system running optimally year-round. It’s also a chance for our technician to check for minor damage before it grows into a costly replacement.

A heat pump inspection and tune-up in Raleigh typically includes:

  • Inspect, clean, and replace air filter as needed
  • Check all safety components
  • Check compressor operation
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Verify operation of the reversing valve
  • Inspect outdoor fan motor
  • Inspect wiring, contacts, and terminals
  • Calibrate the thermostat
  • Clean and lubricate parts as needed
  • Inspect all controls
  • Clean and re-balance all supply vents
  • Tighten all electrical connections
  • And more!

Why Choose Air Experts for Heat Pump Repairs and Maintenance?

Since 1986, we’ve been the heating and cooling experts Raleigh homeowners call for peace of mind and a job well done. Our Super Seven Guarantees are the gold standard for HVAC customer service:

  • Comfort
  • No Frustration
  • Low Price
  • 30 Percent Utility Savings
  • Property Protection
  • Installation Date
  • Timeliness

Call Air Experts at 919-480-2727 or contact us online to request heat pump repairs in Raleigh or to schedule a heat pump tune-up.

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