Look for a Sykesville HVAC Tech Who Is Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Posted on: April 12, 2014

air-con-repairman-200x300Many homeowners don’t think about hiring a HVAC company until something goes wrong with the heating or cooling in their homes. At that point, they may go with whichever company is willing to come out first or is the least expensive. Choosing an HVAC company this way can cause big problems. You don’t know whether that company is licensed, bonded and insured. That is what a smart homeowner should know before hiring any trade professional.


Almost all jurisdictions in the U.S. require HVAC companies to have a license. The license indicates that the company is registered with the state’s licensing agency and that they have met legal requirements for insurance and bonding. A license allows them to pull building permits and get local inspectors to sign off on their work. People working as HVAC technicians often have an individual trade-specific license. This license shows they have the education and training needed to do the job.


To get a license, most jurisdictions require HVAC companies to have a surety bond in a certain amount. This kind of bond protects the company’s clients in case the company does not complete the job properly or fails to pull permits as required by local code. It provides financial protection if a company fails to pay suppliers or subcontractors. It also covers any costs caused by the contractor’s negligence, or a theft by one of its employees or subcontractors.


Insurance is another requirement for licensing of HVAC companies. The company should have two forms: liability and worker’s compensation. The liability insurance covers any property damage or injuries caused by the contractor’s work. (It does not cover the cost of repairing substandard work. That is the job of the bond.) Worker’s compensation covers injuries sustained by the HVAC company’s employees on the job.

Hiring a HVAC contractor who is licensed, bonded and insured protects you and your home. Please contact us at Air Experts for a quality HVAC contractor.

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