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Extend Your HVAC System Service Life With These Tips


Like any appliances, HVAC systems wear out over time. And as they do, they become less efficient. So what can you do to ward off that wear and tear and keep your system in peak condition for as long as possible? Here are some tips for extending the life of an HVAC system.

Tips for Extending the Life of an HVAC System

  1. Annual maintenance tune-up. The key to extending the life of an HVAC system is taking good care of it. This includes having an HVAC technician come once a year to tune up the equipment. They’ll check the whole heating or cooling system, adjust and clean various components, identify and repair small problems before they become big ones, and generally make sure that everything is running optimally.
  2. Air filter. A clogged air filter restricts airflow through your HVAC equipment and home, forcing the system to work harder and wearing it out more quickly. Check the filter every month and replace it at least every three months to ensure proper airflow, as well as cleaner, more breathable air throughout your home.
  3. Vents. Another way to ensure maximum airflow is to leave all the vents open, letting air flow through them, whether the room they’re in is being used or not. Also, open the doors of rooms you don’t use much. And once a year, remove all the vents, grills, etc. and clean them thoroughly, to remove dirt and debris. Improving the airflow will reduce moisture and mold growth and help the system run more efficiently.
  4. Outdoor unit. If your system includes an outdoor unit, as is the case with split-system A/Cs and heat pumps, make sure its heat exchange coil is kept clean and free of grass, leaves, and other debris that can build up. To do this, simply hose it off lightly every now and then, to wash away the debris. Cut back grass, weeds or shrubs growing too closely.
  5. Discharge pipes. The discharge pipe that runs from your system to the outdoors also needs to be kept clean, in order to ensure the system runs properly. Make sure it’s open and not clogged or, in the winter, frozen or filled with snow. If it gets clogged, it can lead to serious damage.

For more tips for extending the life of an HVAC system in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area, please contact your Air Experts today.

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