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Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

When the heat and humidity combine to make Raleigh residents feel as though a big, wet blanket has covered our town, many homeowners in the area seek comfort indoors, cranking down the AC to create a cool escape.

Even the most dependable of home cooling systems can be taxed by our hot summers. When the mercury climbs to 90 degrees and above,  the power bills can become nearly unmanageable. When your home cooling bill rivals that of your mortgage, it may be time to question the energy efficiency of your air conditioner.

Energy efficient air conditioning is just one of the many services and products offered by Your Air Experts.  Raleigh’s home comfort experts since 1986.  With Your Air Experts, you know you’re working with the authority in energy efficient air conditioning.  Our professional and certified HVAC technicians understand every aspect of your home cooling needs, and promise to keep you cool and comfortable.  In fact, your comfort is one of our Super 7 Guarantees.

Upgrade to Better Comfort and Lower Bills

Today’s home cooling systems are so much more energy efficient than those of just a few years ago.  With the advances made in the technology of air conditioning, a brand new system can save you around 30%, even if your current system is just a few years old.  That’s because today’s home cooling systems have a higher seasonal energy efficiency ratio, or SEER, than previous models.

SEER is calculated y taking the amount of cooling (BTU) and dividing that number by total wattage used.  A higher SEER number means a more efficient system.  Systems from about 10 years ago, if they’ve been properly maintained, are typically operating at around a 10. New systems are available with a SEER of 13, all the way to 23.  This translates into a minimum savings of 28%.

Reap the Rewards of Energy Efficiency

When you upgrade to a new energy efficient air conditioner from Your Air Experts, your system will begin paying for itself immediately.  Not only will you realize financial savings from your new system, but your home will stay cool and comfortable. With a new AC unit, you’ll find consistent, comfortable temperatures inside your home, no matter the outside temperature.

Maybe you haven’t realized how inefficient your current system has become. Or, perhaps you think a brand new AC upgrade won’t fit into your budget.  Whatever your concern, Air Experts can help.  We’ll provide friendly advice, the lowest quotes around, and help you find a way to fit your new energy efficient AC system into your budget.

Contact The Experts at Air Experts

If you are currently running a home cooling system that’s over 15-20 years old, you aren’t getting the energy efficient air conditioning savings you could realize by switching to a new system.  Your Air Experts can help you find the ideal air conditioning system to provide you and your family with a comfortable home environment, and save you plenty on your monthly utility bills.

Your Air Expert guarantees the lowest price, fast installation, and you will save up to 30% (or more) on your cooling costs. We are so confident that you’ll be thrilled with your new energy efficient air conditioning that we put our guarantees in writing. For more information on how we can save you money, while providing you with state-of-the-art home comfort, contact Your Air Experts today.  Keep your cool, and your money.

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