Why Is My AC Blowing a Fuse?

Posted on: April 12, 2016

If your breaker trips every time your AC system cycles on or off, you are probably feeling extremely frustrated. banner-3-logoThere is nothing worse than your air conditioner kicking on and your power goes out. You walk down to the breaker box, flip it back on, and then it happens again and again. Blown fuses or breaker trips may happen when you switch your AC on, as your system cycles on or off, or even while your air conditioner is running. If this is happening in your home it is important to get the problem looked at. Electrical issues like this are best dealt with straight away and by a skilled cooling expert.

There are a few reasons why this may be happening. Let’s look at what may be happening with your AC or electrical system in your home.

Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Blowing a Fuse or Tripping the Breaker

  • A Dirty Filter. Yes; it seems too simple doesn’t it? When you have those hot days and your air conditioner is under pressure to cool your home, a clogged air filter can cause a blown fuse. The reason for this is that the extra pressure put on your system to push the air through the dirty filter will put way too much pressure on your electrical system. The electrical system will then trip or blow a fuse to protect itself.
  • Loose Electrical Connections. The connections inside your breaker box can come loose due to temperature changes. These temperature changes can make the wires expand and contract which then loosens them up.
  • Low Refrigerant. Like the dirty filter, when your air conditioner is low on refrigerant the system has to work much harder. This extra work can then trip your system. You may have a refrigerant leak and this could be the reason for your low refrigerant. It is best to have an expert look at your system if you think this may be the problem.
  • Malfunctioning Capacitor. The capacitor is a small part inside your cooling system that helps regulate the electrical flow. A capacitor that is not working properly will blow fuses left right and center.
  • A Faulty Condenser Fan. A condenser fan works by blowing air over your systems condenser coil. When this fan is faulty your system will not be able to cool effectively. As it works harder to cool your home you may experience blown fuses and electrical issues.

As you can see some of these problems are small fixes, such as changing the air filter. It is important to have any electrical issues diagnosed by a professional HVAC contractor. Trying to fix electrical problems yourself could result in damage to your home, costly repairs, or replacement of your air conditioning system. It may even destroy your home’s electrical system. If you are in the Raleigh, NC area and are looking for a professional cooling contractor, count on Air Experts Heating & Cooling.

How to Fix Your Air Conditioner Issues

If your air conditioning system is blowing fuses or causing your home’s electrical system to short out, contact the team at Air Experts Heating & Cooling. We offer a full range of heating and cooling services including 24/7 emergency repair service.

For more than 30 years, we have been providing the Triangle area in North Carolina with expert air conditioning services. We can help diagnose the reason for your AC system’s electrical problems, making the correct repairs to your AC system. Call us today to schedule air conditioning service in the Raleigh-Durham area!

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