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How to Prepare Your Cooling System for Summer

Our weather here in the Raleigh-Durham area has been fairly variable in recent weeks, but it won’t be long now before the sting of summer starts to set in. Today, we wanted to help you ensure your system is ready to beat the heat, providing some tips and guidelines to get your AC or heat pump into top shape.

Why Is a Spring AC Tune-Up So Important?

Ideally, when the summer heat arrives, your system will be ready to take it head on, providing you with reliable cooling to keep your family comfortable. Additionally, you’d probably like your cooling system to be efficient, and cost-effective, too, yes? That’s why seasonal AC or heat pump maintenance is so vital!

Professional maintenance service sought on a routine basis (once in the spring for cooling, once in the fall for heating) ensures your system gets the service, diagnostics, and cleaning it needs in order to perform at its best. When you get routine service from our cooling system specialists, you can expect:

  • Lower cooling costs
  • Improved home comfort
  • Fewer AC repairs
  • Better indoor air quality
  • And a longer-lived cooling system!

You might be wondering “why now?” Well, there are two big reasons. One, you aren’t relying on your air conditioner yet, but you will be soon. So, it stands to reason that getting service now provides you with the most overall benefits. And two, it’s much easier to get a prompt service, since HVAC teams aren’t getting swamped by summer season emergency calls just yet.

Ways to Self-Maintain Your Cooling System

As a homeowner, there are a few things you can do, too. Nothing is quite as vital as professional AC service, but there are ways you can help to ensure your home is as comfortable and cost-effective as possible. To beef up your cooling power and efficiency, be sure to:

  • Change your air filters, and continue to do so every two months.
  • Consider upgrading your filters to polyester or pleated filters (not HEPA filters, since these are for specialized cooling systems or industrial HVAC systems).
  • Clean your outdoor unit to improve healthy air flow and maximize thermal transfer. A good hosing often does the trick, or you can use a stiff-bristled brush for stuck on weeds and mess.

Have you set a date for your North Carolina AC or heat pump spring maintenance? If not, contact Air Experts Heating & Cooling online today, or give our team a call at 919-480-2727!

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