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Make Your Older Home More Efficient With These Energy-Saving Upgrades

Few things are as charming as a well-maintained older home. However, older homes are often drafty and inefficient. In fact, about 20 percent of the country’s energy resources are attributed to heating and cooling homes built before 1983. Make your older home as comfortable as an old quilt with these energy-saving upgrades.

Energy Audit


When the time comes, HVAC system and home appliance upgrades can take a big bite out of energy bills. Look for the Energy Star label for high-efficiency systems with better features to enhance comfort.

There are more practical upgrades, such as air sealing and insulating, that still take a bite out of energy bills without making a huge impact on the pocketbook. To know exactly where to put your efficiency upgrade investment dollars, ask your HVAC professional to perform an energy audit to detail where your home is wasting energy.

Seal Air Leaks

Sealing air leaks in the home envelope is among the most practical and effective energy-saving upgrades. You’re looking for cracks and gaps in the envelope, which may occur anywhere two different materials join. Windows and doors are key areas that can be sealed with caulk and foam weatherstripping. Use foam weatherstripping to seal the attic access door, and you’re on the way to a more comfortable home with fewer drafts and lower bills.

Insulate Key Areas

Make sure the attic has ample insulation. If you use fiberglass or cellulose, the insulation should reach above the joists. Loose fill works great to insulate odd-shaped spaces and wall cavities. Use rigid foam board under the floor in the basement or crawl space.

Program Savings and Comfort

Do you use turn-back/up thermostat settings to save energy? Do you have a manual or digital thermostat? If you answered yes to these questions, consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat for carefree savings. You just program the thermostat for energy-saving temperatures during sleep hours and when the home is unoccupied. You may also choose thermostats with remote access using your smartphone. It’s easy and so are the savings.

Learn more about energy-saving upgrades available from Air Experts, or contact us today at 919-480-2727 to schedule an appointment!

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