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Air Experts Brings Feel the Love to Raleigh!

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On October 10th, Air Experts installed a heating and cooling system as part of Lennox’s Feel the Love Program for Fatima and her family. This was our first year participating in the Feel the Love program, and we are excited to have brought Feel the Love to Raleigh!

Fatima lives in a multi-generational household. Her brother works two jobs to provide for the family while she stays home to care for her disabled child. They had a 22-year-old HVAC system that was original to the home and not working. 

Our install technicians, Rachelle and Ighor Martins, arrived early at 8:30 a.m. and began taking apart the old system with the help of our install manager, Rob Eichas. They stopped for a Bojangles biscuit and a Bo-round or two. And by 1:30 p.m., Fatima had her new Lennox system set up and ready to go!

Rachelle and Ighor bringing in the new furnace. Air Experts logo on the back of Ighor's shirt.

Rachelle installing the new condensing unit outside.

“It really does feel great to do something that’s for the community. We do this every day,” Rachelle says in one of her Instagram reels, “but to go out there and do it for no profit and just because they deserve it because we can, we have the skills to help someone in need, it’s a whole different feel. Highly recommend it!” 

About Feel the Love

Feel the Love started in 2009 in Wisconsin as Lennox Heat Up, where Lennox provided furnaces to deserving families in need. The program continued to grow and give furnaces to families until 2018. Lennox then changed the name to Feel the Love and expanded the program further by providing whole HVAC systems and/or ACs. 

Since 2009, HVAC companies partnering with Lennox have done more than 2,000 installations for families in need. We are extremely proud that our first Feel the Love went well, and we look forward to participating in Feel the Love again next year. So be on the lookout for any deserving families in the Triangle that would benefit from getting a free HVAC system next year. The nomination process will start again in May!

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