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Why Is My AC Blowing a Fuse?


Out of the near countless problems your Raleigh cooling system can encounter, electrical-related ones are often the most stressful. We all know well that electrical problems can be quite dangerous if mishandled, so it’s no surprise if you’re more than just a little bit frightened or stressed out! But don’t worry—the specialists at Air Experts Heating & Cooling have dealt with the issue many times, and we can help you pinpoint what may be happening with your tripping breakers.

With well over three decades of experience in serving our North Carolina clients, our team is quite adept at offering all of the advice and services needed to keep your home cool and safe this summer season. Follow along to find out why your cooling system might be tripping breakers in your home!

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Why Electrical Issues Are a Threat

Are electrical issues just like any other problem? Hardly! Electrical issues are dangerous because they can have quite a few long-term consequences. Problems with home electrical tend to cause overloading and short-circuiting, both of which can permanently damage home appliances with constant surging, causing at a minimum some considerable property damage.

And then there are the health risks. If your wiring is a bit older, there exists unseen wire damage, or your outlets are a bit off, then these kinds of problems can lead to potential electrical fire. This is why we call electrical problems an emergency that needs immediate professional attention.

Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Blowing a Fuse or Tripping the Breaker

  • A Dirty Filter. Yes; it seems too simple doesn’t it? When you have those hot days and your air conditioner is under pressure to cool your home, a clogged air filter can cause a blown fuse. The reason for this is that the extra pressure put on your system to push the air through the dirty filter will put way too much pressure on your electrical system. The electrical system will then trip or blow a fuse to protect itself.
  • Loose Electrical Connections. The connections inside your breaker box can come loose due to temperature changes. These temperature changes can make the wires expand and contract which then loosens them up.
  • Low Refrigerant. Like the dirty filter, when your air conditioner is low on refrigerant the system has to work much harder. This extra work can then trip your system. You may have a refrigerant leak and this could be the reason for your low refrigerant. It is best to have an expert look at your system if you think this may be the problem.
  • Malfunctioning Capacitor. The capacitor is a small part inside your cooling system that helps regulate the electrical flow. A capacitor that is not working properly will blow fuses left right and center.
  • A Faulty Condenser Fan. A condenser fan works by blowing air over your systems condenser coil. When this fan is faulty your system will not be able to cool effectively. As it works harder to cool your home you may experience blown fuses and electrical issues.

As you can see some of these problems are small fixes, such as changing the air filter. It is important to have any electrical issues diagnosed by a professional HVAC contractor. Trying to fix electrical problems yourself could result in damage to your home, costly repairs, or replacement of your air conditioning system. It may even destroy your home’s electrical system. If you are looking for a professional cooling contractor in Raleigh, count on Air Experts Heating & Cooling.

Problems Where a DIY Fix Might Be Possible

While electrical problems are almost always best left to the trained pros, there are a few very simple causes for AC related breaker trips that can be solved with little trouble:

  • Dirty HVAC filters. The filter in your system is responsible for keeping air flow optimized as much as possible. When it becomes gunked up or blocked, it can leave your Raleigh cooling system struggling to keep up, making it work harder than usual, and thus draw more power. When this happens a trip is a common outcome.
  • A clogged outdoor unit. A similar problem with similar reasoning to what we talked about above, the outdoor unit can be clogged up with grass clippings from mowing, or leaves falling from nearby trees. If the outdoor unit is dirty it constricts flow and reduces the effectiveness of thermal transfer, leading to AC overworking.
  • A simple trip. A single breaker trip is rarely more than a minor annoyance. If your breaker trips a single time, you need only re engage it. It’s when the problem happens over and over that it becomes a big problem.

Issues That Require a Professional in Raleigh

The more common issues tend to be these, which require a trained AC repair team:

  • Refrigerant leaks. A lack of refrigerant has the same results as that dirty filter issue, making your system work too hard. But refrigerant leak repair is definitely a professional’s job.
  • The breaker is damaged or old. The problem may also lie not with the cooling system, but with the breaker panel itself. When the panel is getting too old or too weak for your home’s needs, it will begin tripping far too often. Though if this is the issue it’s quite likely that the AC breaker isn’t the only one tripping.
  • Electric motor shorts. Electric motors work hard and for very long periods of time. If the fan begins to overheat it can often result in a repeated breaker trip until the motor has been serviced.

Call Air Experts to Fix Your Air Conditioner Issues

If your air conditioning system is blowing fuses or causing your home’s electrical system to short out, contact the team at Air Experts Heating & Cooling. We offer a full range of heating and cooling services including 24/7 emergency repair service.

For more than 30 years, we have been providing expert air conditioning services in the Triangle Area of Raleigh, NC. We can help diagnose the reason for your AC system’s electrical problems, making the correct repairs to your AC system. Call us today to schedule air conditioning service in the Raleigh-Durham area!

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