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Why Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Producing Cold Air

If you turn your air conditioner on this spring only to realize an hour or so later that the house hasn’t cooled down, you may want to check the temperature of the air coming from your vents. There are many reasons why your AC may have stopped producing cold air. Let’s look at what these issues may be.

Why Your AC is Blowing Hot Air

If your air conditioner starts blowing hot air and you can’t cool down your home, there are a few things you can check. Below are several reasons why your air conditioner is blowing warm air.

  • Thermostat set to AUTO: The first place to check is your thermostat. If you have your fan set to auto this means that the fan will stay on even when your air conditioner is not working. It can help circulate the air but it can also trick you into thinking your AC is broken.
  • Frozen condenser: If your condenser unit freezes up this will stop your air conditioner from cooling off the air. This can happen to any AC unit but tends to happen to older units more often. It could also be the result of a dirty air filter. If your condenser unit freezes you will need to turn your air off and wait for it to thaw. Check and replace your air filter. If after a few hours of having your AC turned off it still won’t run cold, call an HVAC expert.
  • Dirty condenser: A dirty condenser can also cause your AC unit to run warm. Check your AC’s outside unit. If you see buildup or dirt on the condenser coils then you will need to have them cleaned. You will also want to remove any dirt or debris from the outside of your unit. This build-up can block airflow, reducing the amount of cold air that makes it into your home.
  • Broken condenser: If your condenser is clean and so are your air filters it may be that the condenser is broken. The condenser does most of the work when it comes to cooling off your home. If you have a faulty or broken condenser it will be impossible to get cold air to your home.
  • Low refrigerant: Low refrigerant can be a common cause of an AC that can’t produce cold air. You will need to have an HVAC professional check your refrigerant levels and test for any leaks.

If your air conditioner is producing warm air, check your thermostat and condenser. If everything looks fine in those areas, you will need to call an AC expert to schedule a repair. Trying to fix the problem yourself may lead to bigger problems.

Why Contact Air Experts Heating & Cooling?

The team at Air Experts Heating & Cooling offers a Super Seven Service Guarantee. We take our seven promises seriously to always deliver superior customer service in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area.

If your AC is isn’t producing cold air, contact the team at Air Experts today. We will have one of our technicians out to your home as soon as possible, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable home all summer long.

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