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If you’re experiencing fluctuating water temperatures, low water pressure, or no hot water at all, look no further than the professionals at Air Experts! Don’t let our name fool you, as our team of technicians is highly trained in handling all electric water heater issues you may be facing. Never again will you have a day without hot water when you call on Air Experts!

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What Is an Electric Water Heater?

Like a traditional water heater, electric water heaters heat up cold water using electricity as a power source. It takes in cold water through the dip tube and uses electricity to heat it up inside the tank. The hot water then rises up in the tank and is distributed throughout the home through the heat-out pipe. Unlike a traditional water heater, you’ll enjoy hot water on demand when you choose a tankless water heater.

Pros and Cons of Electric Water Heaters

With all kinds of water heaters out there, it can be challenging to choose which one is right for you. But like with any water heater, electric water heaters come with their fair share of benefits and disadvantages. Unlike traditional, gas, and propane heaters, electric water heaters don’t require a ventilation system since there’s no combustion happening. They also tend to be more energy-efficient and safer as there’s no risk of gas leaks.

Some of the disadvantages of an electric water heater include having higher upfront costs, vulnerability to blackouts during inclement weather, and taking longer to heat water than their gas counterparts.

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Our Electric Water Heater Services

Whether you’re looking to upgrade from a traditional gas water heater or needing service for your current electric water heater, we have a full range of services, including:

Installation & replacement services

An electric water heater is an excellent choice for your home! So, if you’re thinking about making the switch or have one and are looking to upgrade to a newer model, our team of experts is ready to deliver high-quality installation or replacement services for your new electric water heater.

Repair services

Wondering why your water keeps getting hot and then going cold in the middle of a shower? You might have an issue with temperature fluctuations, discoloration, or strange noises. These all indicate that your electric water heater needs professional repairs.

Maintenance services

The average life span of an electric water heater is roughly 15 years. That’s a super long time! But only with routine maintenance can you hope to have it last you even longer than while running smoothly the whole way through.

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Get Electric Water Heater Services from Air Experts!

If you’re looking for a company that can install an electric water heater, then look no further than Air Experts! Since 1986, we have been providing superior service. Our technicians are factory-trained and collectively offer over 30 years of experience! We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with no hidden fees or outlandish costs! Call for an estimate on your electric water heater service!

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My hot water keeps going on and off. What do I do?

Temperature fluctuations can indicate a number of issues, including water heater failure, inadequate water tank size, or a pressure valve malfunction.

Why is my water a rusty-looking color?

Sediment and mineral buildup are the leading cause of discoloration in your water. Professional maintenance services can work to this issue squared away in no time.

I’m hearing weird noises from my water heater. How do I fix it?

These strange noises can also be caused by sediment and mineral buildup. Maintenance service is the best way to resolve the problem.

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