Air Conditioner Refrigerant Charge Services in Raleigh, NC

As a homeowner in the Raleigh area, chances are you’re grateful to have an air conditioner to keep you cool in the North Carolina heat! However, this means that when your air conditioner starts to malfunction or stops cooling down your home the way it should, you may start to panic.

There are plenty of different parts of your air conditioner that can break down and require repair. When interacting with customers whose air conditioners aren’t working properly, one question we hear a lot is, “Do I need more refrigerant?”

The answer to this question is usually no. Contrary to popular belief, air conditioners don’t use up refrigerant the same way your car uses gas. Refrigerant is meant to be transferred back and forth from your air conditioner’s indoor unit to its outdoor unit during the cooling process, so the amount of refrigerant in your unit should never decrease.

Of course, there are exceptions: if your air conditioner has a refrigerant leak either in its indoor or outdoor unit, you will need refrigerant charge services from an HVAC professional to get your refrigerant levels back to normal.

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What’s Included in Refrigerant Charge Service?

In reality, when a member of our team charges your air conditioner’s refrigerant, we’re just refilling your refrigerant to the appropriate level. There’s no actual “charging” going on—at least, not until we’ve refilled your refrigerant and you turn your system back on.

However, refilling your refrigerant is not as simple as filling up your car’s gas tank. This process can be dangerous for your air conditioning system if done incorrectly. Furthermore, our technicians aren’t just going to blindly refill your refrigerant levels because you’re low on refrigerant—because if you have a refrigerant leak somewhere in your system, you’re just going to be low on refrigerant again in a week.

Instead, we’ll find the source of the leak (or leaks). Then, we’ll explain to you where the leaks are, how detrimental they could be to your air conditioner’s performance and efficiency, and how much it would cost to repair them. Typically, we recommend having the refrigerant leak repaired before we complete your refrigerant charge service.

Signs You Need a Refrigerant Charge

Your refrigerant should last as long as your air conditioner does, which is why it can be confusing when your refrigerant levels are low—and also why most homeowners don’t think of this possibility. The easiest way to avoid needing refrigerant charge service in the first place is by scheduling regular maintenance. If you’re getting air conditioner tune-ups annually, your chances of experiencing a leak are much lower.

However, refrigerant leaks can happen, and it’s important to keep an eye out for signs of a leak in your system. There are several common warning signs that could indicate that your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant and is in need of a charge.

  • Your unit is blowing out warm air
  • Your utility bills are higher than usual
  • You notice ice building up on your refrigerant line
  • You hear a hissing noise
  • Your house takes longer than usual to cool down
  • You notice water on the floor near your indoor unit

If you’re noticing these or any other signs that your air conditioner may be leaking refrigerant, it’s time to schedule an air conditioner repair appointment so we can charge your refrigerant! Call Air Experts today at 919-480-2727 to get started.

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