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Which Should I Choose for My Home: A Portable or Standby Generator?

Escalating energy consumption and the threat of natural disasters have prompted many homeowners to consider having their own backup energy source. In fact, the portable generator market has never been in higher demand. More and more homeowners are learning about the benefits of having these emergency readiness resources at their disposal. Technological advances combined with government initiatives have boosted an already booming market.

Air Experts offers a selection of state-of-the-art portable or standby generators for your consideration. We help guide you through the selection process, installation, and maintenance services for all makes and models of generators.

Contact Air Experts today at 919-480-2727 to learn more about your home generator options and our installation process. 

Benefits of Portable Generators

High-quality, portable generators offer energy resources for a variety of purposes, including outdoor trips, medical emergencies, weather emergencies, local power outages, and more. Access to a power source brings peace of mind that no matter what challenges your normal power source, you are ready. Consider the following five main benefits of portable generators:

  • Power when you need it, where you need it. Emergency power resources mean that you have the power to prevent food waste, to cook food, to power up medical and/or essential equipment, to power heating and cooling sources, to power the lights in your home, and more.
  • Power for electrical devices. Portable generators mean you don’t have to get behind on work when the local power goes down. Portable generators can keep your entertainment, computers, and other electrical devices online and charged.
  • Power for on-site contract work or construction. Contractors love the convenience of a portable power source when needing to power up tools for construction jobs and other projects that need night lighting or other on-site job support.
  • Power for miscellaneous fun! Portable generators let you awaken your creative side. Feel like powering an outdoor movie, fog machine, stereo, or other entertainment devices on the go? Portable generators allow you to make the magic happen in any setting with on-demand power.
  • Backup power for when you are away from home. Generators can be set to kick on when the power goes out, protecting your electrical appliances, sump pump, and HVAC system when you are away. Keeping these vital systems powered up while you are gone can prevent costly home damages and other problems.

The benefits of portable generators are great. Consult with a professional to learn which make, model, and size would work best for your goals and budget.

Benefits of Standby Generators

Standby generators are your backup power source for when disasters and other unforeseen events knock out your normal power source. The technology inside standby generators has progressed in recent years to offer homeowners control over their power resources in many important ways. Standby generators offer you the following worthwhile benefits:

  • Electricity on-demand. Enlist the help of a professional electrician to help you choose a standby generator capable of powering your home. Once you have accomplished this step, you can enjoy greater peace of mind that you will always have power when you need it.
  • Automatic backup power during a power outage. One of the biggest draws of a standby generator is its ability to detect automatically when it needs to power your home during an outage. In a matter of seconds, your home can receive the resources it needs to function normally even if your local power source is down from weather or another event.
  • Fueled by your home’s city fuel line. Modern standby generators are connected directly to your city’s fuel line that runs into your home so that you don’t need to purchase fuel or refuel your generator.
  • Peace of mind. One of the greatest benefits of standby generators is the peace of mind owners experience knowing that their home and property will stay warm/cool, lit, and functional when local power goes down. For households that have pets, young children, elderly, or members that rely on electrical medical equipment, this can mean the difference between life and death.

If you have been interested in installing a standby generator but don’t know where to start or feel it may be out of your budget, contact a professional installer to get the information you need today. Having dependable power may be easier to obtain than you think.  

Why Should You Involve a Professional for Generator Selection & Installation?

Generators are a big investment and should be selected with care. Determining which kind of generator would best benefit you is made easy when you involve experts that are familiar with the pros and cons of each make, model, and size.

Air Experts has been offering communities trusted services for over 35 years. Our experienced team of licensed, certified, and insured technicians provides award-winning services with a 100% guarantee. See how our family-focused company can make a difference in your lives today! Your comfort and safety are our top priority.

When you need dependable, high-quality service, you need the friendly team at Air Experts. Contact Air Experts today at 919-480-2727 to schedule a generator consultation and estimate today!

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